Can we talk about how great it is to get paid? And when it's on time, too?
You’ve spring cleaned your closet. Apartment. House. Yard. Planted your garden. Learned to make your favorite Portland restaurant meals from scratch. And rearranged your furniture three times. You’ve gone full KonMari on your life, but what about your business?
Know cash forcasting
Do you ever wish you could gaze into a crystal ball and see exactly where your business will be in X amount of time? Predicting the health of your business is a helpful skill in the strongest of economies,  let alone during COVID-19 where every business decision can be crucial for survival. While we have...
Bills due
Maybe you check the bank account once a day, once a month, or maybe once an hour! Times are tough; I get it. Depending on your level of involvement, you might be able to account for every dollar coming in and every dollar coming out — maybe all you need to know is that you...
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