What makes Forward/Slash different is that we have experienced CPAs analyzing your unique business data to provide only actionable insights and recommendations. No irrelevant reams of data output from newfangled technology platforms. Based on your business goals, we will engage different technology solutions in the background but you will always have a human expert in the foreground.

65% of businesses expect revenue and/or profits to decrease at least 10% this year while 5% expect an increase as a result of COVID-19

Financial Reporting

  • Real-time financial reporting so you can make the critical decisions needed during this unprecedented time.
  • Drill down and evaluate value function-by-function 
  • Month-end close and account reconciliation by a CPA 
  • KPIs developed by our expertise and catered to your industry 
  • Monthly review meetings to evaluate results, KPIs, and opportunities

Cash Flow

  • CPA to customize sales and expense expectations by customer/vendor based on historical data direct from your QuickBooks file  
  • Project near-term cash flow to make informed forward-looking decisions 
  • Project long-term cash flow for realistic growth forecasts and budgets  
  • Weekly, biweekly, or monthly reporting packages and check-ins with CPA 

Cash Flow
82% of business failures are due to poor cash flow management or poor understanding of cash flow

Bill Pay
Automation can reduce invoice processing time from 20 days down to 3

Bill Pay


  • Automate your AP through AI and the oversight of a human expert
  • Review and approve invoices from anywhere 
  • Eliminate manual invoice entry and check writing 
  • Human expert to make sure invoices get recorded correctly

Process Improvement


  • Accounting experts provide feedback and solutions to eliminate redundancies and improve find efficiencies 
  • Be audit-ready when banks and investors come knocking 
  • Ensure the perfect marriage of technology and accounting while using GAAP and tax knowledge to meet your organization’s goals

Process Improvment
Workers spend an average of 520 hours a year on tasks that could easily be automated

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